MECN Consulting - Led by Data

Our consulting approach is based on data analyses

We are a network of experts focusing on various industries incl. media, entertainment, travel, …. Together, we provide in-depth knowledge, analysis, and advice to global clients.

We are all about data and quantitative analyses – these are at the root of everything we do. We collect and analyse complex and large amounts of data to develop strategic options for our clients.

Data focus

We base every strategic support on intensive data analyses. This can include all forms of market and benchmark analyses but can also go far beyond that. For many clients we have developed specific customized data reports and models that allow unique insights. Because we also prepare regular data-driven reports that are available off the shelf, we can often draw on our existing data, thus reducing project length and cost

Network of Experts

Founded by Ex-BCG consultants, MECN readily draws upon a pool of more than 40 experts for every engagement – we are not bound by any restrictions and will source the team wherever the experts might be. Not limited by the constraints of a fixed staff, our network of consultants provides greater objectivity in staffing and further allows us to minimize costs for our clients.

Strategy and Impact

We provide advice to management based on in-depth knowledge and profound analysis. Throughout the projects, we collaborate closely with the management of our clients. The typical engagement doesn’t end with the definition of strategic cornerstones – we follow through on the implementation of the strategies in order to secure sustainable impact for our clients.

Thought Leadership

One of our goals is to shape the future of the industries we work in. To this end, the consultants in the network dedicate a significant amount of their time developing new points of view and perspectives on various aspects of the industry. Many of our consultants are authors of innovative studies and the network is closely bound to leading universities and institutes.