Online Gambling Benchmarking Report

Online Gaming Benchmarking Report – 2021/2022 edition

Comprehensive report analysing updated benchmarks, KPIs, margins, … of the online gaming industry

MECN is proud to present the 2021/2022 edition of our study “Online Gaming Benchmarking Study”. The first editions of the report were received very well, and as the online gaming market changes very quickly, we are now happy to publish an updated version of our report.

As before, the report offers a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of key performance indicators (KPIs), key business figures, relevant margins, and much more to enable executives in the online gambling industry to improve both controlling and operations.

The report is a must-read for all strategists and executives in the industry who want to save the time and money of compiling their own database – we have done it for you. Readers of the first edition of the report were impressed: “The report saved me and my team weeks of number crunching.” (CFO of operator).

Content of report:

  • Current data and KPIs as well as historical data  –  Our benchmark analyses are based on the most recent data and KPIs and also trace long-term developments.
  • Revenue growth benchmarks are broken down by products/verticals.
  • Analyses of financial results, such as EBITDA, EBIT, … including comparison of margins.
  • Mobile business benchmarks, such as share of total online business, …
  • Expense/costs benchmarks and margins, such as marketing, staff costs, …
  • Player/customer-related benchmarks, such as active player development, …
  • Product-related benchmarks, such as product/vertical split, breakdown of revenues by type of games , …
  • In-play/live benchmarks, such as in-play/live share, in-play/live gross revenue margins, …

In total, the report has 58 pages and ca. 90 graphs/exhibits.

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58 pages and 90 graphics
Euro 885.00 / GBP 790.00
Subscriptions available (-30%)

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